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Your little one’s first drawing, the first thumb painting, the paper pasting projects etc. are just too close to your heart to be lost. Don’t let these precious memories spoil in forgotten files and boxes. Bring them to us and we’ll turn them into books to cherish for years to come.
Prices start as low as INR 1000 a book. If you want multiple copies to gift to the family members subsequent copies will cost even less. Contact us for details.
Who doesn’t like flipping through their parent’s old wedding albums? The digital format while giving us instant results takes away the romance of lingering over the pictures with you loved ones. Get together your photos; add captions and we’ll make them into personal photo books. We give you the option to choose from three distinct formats in pages ranging from 20, 32 and 44. The books will be printed on 130/170 gsm art paper and bound with laminated soft cover. Prices start at INR 1000. If you like bespoke books we can make you a custom photo book. Contact us with your requirement and we’ll send you the details.
Gift your favourite classics to the young people in your circle of family and friends. Encourage them to read and share with them the joy of good literature.
We give you the option of adding a personal touch to the gift by inserting a page where you can write what that book means to you or why you want the recipient to have it. You can also add reviews from your friends on the back cover.

When you contact us for an order mention the following in your mail
Name of the Book and the Author
What you want to write on the personal page?

To browse through the list of Classics available with us go to the Bookstore.

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