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What can be self published?

We can help you self-publish anything that is published by traditional publishing houses and some more. Broadly there are two categories of publications: books for commercial use and books for personal use.

Commercial books can include but are not limited to:
  • Novels, experimental fiction.
  • Children’s fiction.
  • Compilations of short stories, poetry, articles.
  • Graphic novels and comic books.
  • Contributing writers can compile their articles, submitted on different websites and offline media, to make a single book for easy reference. Over years a lot of newspaper columnists like Jug Suraiya, Bachi Karkaria, Behram Contractor etc. have had their writings compiled into a book. Anthologies make a great buy for those who follow your writings.
  • Motivational speakers, Creativity coaches, Management gurus, Spiritual groups can print limited copies of books to promote and supplement their seminars. Books with their lectures and self-help techniques help spread their audience base.
  • Trade books which have limited but dedicated readers do not find any takers among traditional publishers. Self-publishing fills that demand.
  • Travel Books. Convert your next road trip into a book with candid pictures and interesting write-ups. There is a growing market for travelogues. People want to read about unusual destinations or different takes on common destinations.
  • Blog books. If people follow your blogs with dedication they’ll love to have a book with your best blog posts.
  • Photo books. Stop envying coffee table books and get one of your own. Self-publishing makes it easy to compile a book of your favourite shots. Club the book with your next Photography exhibition and sell copies of it to the fans.
  • Books on computer troubleshooting, hobbies, How to…, DIY will find many takers.
  • NGOs can highlight their projects, schemes and achievements in a book for the prospective sponsors.
Books for personal use or for circulation amongst friends and family:
  • A printed and bound copy of the poems of the shy poet in your family will make a great gift.
  • Are you the sentimental type who has a box full of memories of times spent with your partner? The stubs of the first movie you saw, the napkin from the restaurant you met, the wild flower picked in the rain. Let the romantic in you flourish; make a book with photos, scanned images and writings for the next anniversary gift.
  • Cookbooks. Do you keep collecting cuttings of interesting recipes you come across? Make a collection of your best recipes and print a book for your easy reference.
  • Memory books. Capture events like birthdays, class reunions, family reunions etc.. Get your family and friends to write a few lines to go with the photos and you have everlasting memories. There is nothing like sitting with a cup of coffee in a cosy nook on a rainy day and going down memory lane.
  • Personalized Classics. Who doesn’t remember the thrill of going on an adventure with Huckleberry Finn, or getting ship-wrecked with Robinson Crusoe or the sleepless nights after reading The Raven? These books have stood the test of time and so are called classics. Share the joy of reading these with the next generation of your family. Don’t just buy it off the shelf. Make it personal with us. We give you a page to tell about your experience of the book and why you want your niece or nephew to read the same.
  • Children’s books. Put together your little one’s drawings and school projects in a professionally designed book. Write down a few words for each; when it was done, what you liked about it, your child’s thoughts etc. It makes a great gift for the doting grandparents, uncles and aunts. Like the photos it is a great memory of the toddler years.
  • Put together a book of your child’s favourite stories, poems and songs in a handy book to take along on holidays.
  • Student’s Project reports and theses look more presentable in a professionally printed and bound book. The unique cover is an added bonus.
These are just a few ideas for self-published books. The possibilities are endless. We’ll be happy to give shape to your ideas. However there are some books we’ll not print. Check Here

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